Truth versus Lies.

It is time to stop leaving God and lucifer out of the equation of what is wrong with this world. It is only when we come to the truth that both of them do exist that we can really make sense of the things that keep happening in our world. This world is based on opposites, always has since God separated the light from the darkness right in the beginning when the earth was without form or void. This wasn’t when He created day and night and the sun and the moon. This was before this. This was actually separating the light of truth from the darkness of lies. This was the spiritual condition of the world in the beginning. And it was chaos. Everything has an opposite in this world, or at least I haven’t found anything that does not have an opposite. Earth and water, day and night, winter and summer, male and female. Spiritually the most important of these is truth and lies. The first sets us free and the second keeps us in bondage. And of course God is Truth and lucifer is lies. Continue reading Truth versus Lies.

Damaging our young men

This original Lie I write about does so much damage and on so deep a level, we really have no concept of exactly the extreme power it has. I have been blessed to be the one Father God found in my extreme dysfunction, unhappiness and suicidal thoughts, and to whom He showed how destructive this Lie is and how to fight it. And yet in my family and friends, I see its effects still. It makes me really angry. It is the one passion of my life, to see people set free from its destruction. I want lucifer and his ugliness exposed and destroyed. For that is the power behind the dysfunction of this world. A fallen angel who will stop at nothing to destroy all human beings and who has no compassion even for the children and the damage he can do to them. Continue reading Damaging our young men

A tiny baby damaged

The damage to my first baby girl continued. The doctor eventually got her to stay in the birth canal opening but upside down. This meant for both of us a much longer, 32 hours, delivery, much more painful and more dangerous. When she was finally born, after a forced beginning of labour before the natural process was allowed to start, I got one quick hold of her then she was taken into a humidicrib because of the trauma she had suffered and because of the cord being around her neck when she was born. More damage. We were not able to bond at all. She was again alone fighting every new experience. I believe in those days, 1965, the doctors and nurses were not aware of the need for a mother and baby to bond. The babies were kept in a nursery and only came out for feeding. I did not see her again for 48 hours. More abandonment. And I was getting frantic as I thought there must have been something wrong with her that they were not telling me about. Also fathers were not allowed in the delivery room.

And the damage still continued. The nursery was full of conjunctivitis and she picked it up. She did not open her eyes for six weeks after birth. I did not even know what colour her eyes were. They were the most beautiful deep blue. She was a very beautiful baby. But her tear ducts were blocked and her eyes watered continually. She had to go and have them probed with a needle when she was 6 months old. I was not allowed to be with her. I had to sit in the waiting room and listen to her scream. Of course they had to hold her down. More damage for this tiny life.

The severe circumstances of my pregnancy and the birth process, the months of bed rest, had also damaged me physically. I was left very weak and sick for 6 months after. And left in extreme pain because of a doctor who had been in the yacht club drinking all Sunday afternoon, Samantha was born at 8pm on the Sunday night, and, I believe, should not have done such a complicated delivery. He cut me too deeply at the time of delivery and scared me physically for life. For 6 months after the birth I was in such pain, I could not bond with my daughter. Then, when she was 12 weeks old, I came down with pleurisy and lost my milk immediately because of the high temperature. The one bonding we could do as mother and daughter was taken from her and I believe this was the severest damage.

Next time how the Lord has shown me how this affected her.

The source of this original Lie.

The whole of the plan for this Original Lie is to damage the soul and spirit of every person born so they will never be able to become who they are meant to be in this world. And the damage can start in the womb. There is not a person anywhere born who does not have an Original Lie planted in them. It goes back to Adam and Eve and their Lies going in when they ate of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They immediately thought bad things about themselves, as soon as they realised what they had done. Thoughts like “I only had one commandment to keep, do not eat from one tree in the garden, and I could not even do this.” ” God could not possibly love me now I have been disobedient.” “I am not worthy of His love.” “I am such a stupid person.” And many many more. Lucifer knew the results of them eating from the tree would be that they would believe bad things about themselves and it would stop their ability to become who God made them to be. In fact they would believe lies about themselves from that time on. Continue reading The source of this original Lie.

Even From Conception

I had three children in my first marriage, a daughter, then a son, and then another daughter. But my older daughter always perplexed me. She was so different to me. My son and second daughter were like me and so I could relate to them and love them. But because the older girl was so different, I found her difficult to love.

One day I heard the Lord say to me, “Write down everything that happened in your pregnancy with her.” I was amazed. My pregnancy with her was so different to the other two children, even from before conception. I had lost two pregnancies before I conceived her. A young married woman trying to have a baby and I have lost my first two attempts. Because of the abuse I had suffered and the Original Lie I had within me, I became very fearful that I would never carry a baby full term. I only weighed 38 kilos and was very fragile. The loss of the first two had made me more fragile in both physical and emotional areas. And my husband was demanding a child. I had to produce. Continue reading Even From Conception

The Original Lie

With each passing year I learn more of the ugliness of this horrible lie and just how damaging it is. Not can be, but is, in each of us. You see, everyone has an Original Lie inside them that controls their thoughts and actions. The Original Lie came into being through satan’s deception of Eve way back in the beginning, in the garden of Eden. He caused her to want to eat of the fruit and to deceive Adam into eating. Her eyes were not opened when she ate first. If her eyes had been opened, Adam would never have eaten. Satan knew Adam would not be disobedient if he knew which tree he was eating from. But he didn’t know. The planting of the first Original Lies had to be based on a lie. But both their eyes were opened when Adam ate, and they were instantly, irrevocably changed. The opening of their eyes and the overwhelming mass of the negativity of the knowledge of good and evil caused the first Original Lies to be planted, one inside each of them. Of course with Adam, he then knew that Eve had tricked him and he was besieged by thoughts of how this had happened; negative thoughts about himself and also about Eve. The Lie is always about thoughts first. Continue reading The Original Lie

The worst consequence

Before we go on, I want to mention the last part of the equation. The equation itself is, thoughts cause feelings which then cause actions or reactions. Today I want to look at actions and reactions. That is to say our behaviour. It is in this area that the Original Lie inside us, controlling us, does its worst damage. It totally controls our behaviour. We have no choice over how we will behave while ever an OL is in control of us. We will be unable to change behaviour until we have fought the OL. I was a good example of this. I was introverted and insecure when I was in my thirties when I first started fighting my OL. Ten years later when I was in my forties, I did a Myers Briggs personality test. I had just started working for the Salvation Army and they put all their staff at the centre where I worked through the test. My test showed extreme introversion. Eight years later, the Army again put their staff through a Myers Briggs personality test. I had spent the years in-between fighting my OL and, as I believed, changing. Becoming far more outgoing. I looked forward to receiving the results of the test to see the improvement I had made. Was I surprised. Continue reading The worst consequence


So what is this wisdom I talk about that is given freely? It is so simple. This again is a blockage for a lot of people. How can something so simple work? Something that is so simple and free. How can it work? Of course there is a hidden agenda. A Holy God who sent His Son to a cross to die so we might have life and have it abundantly, wants you to be free and happy. All you have to do is believe it.

When God created the earth and everything that is in it, He did so by the power of His words. He spoke it all into being and it happened. And we have this same power to speak things into being, just as He has, because He made us in His image. There is a difference between what I spoke forth to get well though, than the words of positive affirmation that some churches and counsellors teach you to use. What is the difference? It is simple. This is a hidden spiritual principle. It is a battle between the power of good in this world and the power of evil. I call these powers God and lucifer. One wants only good things for you. The other, lucifer wants only bad. And I mean really bad, even though it can look as if he can be offering good to you. He isn’t. He cannot change his nature. He is evil. But he can be very deceptive and deceive you even as he deceived Eve in the story of the garden of Eden.

There is a lie hidden deep within all of us that he caused to be put there. I call it the Original Lie. Just living in this world causes us to have many lies spoken over our lives that we accept when we are children and cannot protect ourselves. But this lie is much deeper and can only be revealed by the opposite force; God, the one who only wants good things for us. Unless we let Him reveal it to us, it stays hidden our whole lives and controls our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. We can never be free while ever it is hidden inside there. But we all have this place inside us which we can tap into, where the God of the universe comes and communicates with us. He alone can help you uncover this insidious lie and become free of it. And we become free by speaking words, the right words, against it and destroying it.

This is where the believing comes because unless you believe, you cannot be fully free. You can work the principles and, by listening to your words, you can come to find your Original Lie [OL] and become mostly free. But it is much easier to do it with the help of a Holy God who loves you.

And this is where the building of the solid foundation is. When you fight your lie with the help of the God who created the universe you are building on the solid foundation. If you chose to work the principles without believing in Him, He will still help you, but you are not building on the solid foundation and so are vulnerable to having the sandy foundation washed away at some time in your life.

So read on. You can be free whatever you chose to do. But for me, believing in Him and coming to know his incredible love, is the best way to live. Next blog; the exact working of the principle.

The real cost.

The real cost to becoming free is to believe that we are worth being given such a gift. If we work on the wisdom we are given because it has cost us an excessive amount of money, we are not doing it for a reason that will ultimately set us free. There is a story in scripture about the building of a house. It talks about the foundation you need to build on in order for the house to stand in all kinds of weather. Just yesterday there was an earthquake in Italy that has cost hundreds of lives. Yet it was lower on the Richter scale than the earth quakes in Christchurch in New Zealand that cost very few lives. Why? Maybe it was the way houses are built in New Zealand. Maybe they have a solid foundation. The story in scripture says that we need to build on a solid foundation, rock rather than sand. Continue reading The real cost.

It’s Free

How many things do you get in this world that are absolutely free. And especially in this world where materialism has such a hold on most people. A delightful young man said to me this week that, when he had to pay for something, especially if the payment was quite high, then he would work much harder on the advise given to him, because he would not want to waste his money. He didn’t say that if he had to pay for it, he would think that it was worth more than if it is freely given away. But I know that many people would think like that. The more expensive something is, shows how much better it should be compared to similar things. Absolutely not so. Continue reading It’s Free