How to fight the lie; The beginning


This Original Lie that I teach is one of the simplest way to achieve healing from childhood hurts. It works. I am walking proof of this. You can either believe it and put in the effort and become free. Or you can choose not to. That is your right.

Every week I am going to go thoroughly through the process of fighting and defeating this lie. I hope you put the principles into practice. They work. My goal has always been and will always be to have people become as free as I have become. Unfortunately some choose not to do it. That is ok. I write for the few who truly want it.

In the first thing I was taught about the actual fighting this lie was the equation.
“Thoughts become feelings become behaviour.” It is all about thoughts. If we can heal the thoughts, we can become free from being controlled by our feelings.

No matter what the situation today that I may face, if a feeling starts to come and overwhelm me, I talk to the thought in my mind and the feeling goes away. As an example, if I begin to experience fear, I immediately ask myself exactly why I am afraid. Even if I get no answer, I then go on to tell my mind the truth about fear, that it is only a feeling and I ask myself questions. What can really happen to me, the very worst thing? How likely is that very worst thing going to happen? I read something once that has stayed with me, “I am an old man who has had many worries, most of which never happened.” We can use this to fight fear also. I keep talking to myself, aloud, until the fear goes away. We experience many fears during our lifetime, most of which never happen. I use scripture a lot. “Fear not for I the Lord your God am with you.” “Be not afraid , I go before you, come follow me and I will give you rest.” When the Lord found me and saved me from severe mental illness when I was 34, I later looked back over the years and realised how many times He had gone before me even when I did not even know He existed, and definitely before I came to believe in Him. He will do the same for each and every one of you, and is already even if you don’t realise it.

I have mentioned one very important word in this last paragraph, the word ALOUD. Even though I have written about this before, I am going to repeat everything so it is all in one place and easy to understand and access. The way to change the thoughts so the feelings can be controlled is to change the subconscious mind, because this is where all the triggers reside. They have lodged there since what ever incident or word happened to damage us. The only way to change the subconscious mind is through the 5 senses, mostly hearing and seeing. So in order for the subconscious mind to listen and be changed, the process is to feed it the truth until all the lies are pushed out. You must talk aloud to it, or write things down and read them. When I was getting well, I talked to myself all the time, wherever I happened to be. I was desperate to get well and I worked hard. It is actually about having a relationship with yourself and talking to yourself all the time as you would to your best friend. Then you become your own best friend, able to care for yourself and protect yourself and love yourself. But best of all helping yourself to grow into the person you always wanted to be and are meant to be.

In order to change the subconscious mind you need to get it to pay attention. This is done by repeating a set of sentences based on what your lie is. It is like a mantra. If you say it six times a day, aloud, the subconscious mind will think “Hey this must be important and it will begin to listen.” Then you begin to heal.

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