The Foundation

In the beginning there was God. There was only God. But He was a Creative and Creating God. He was also a Loving, Giving and Good God. Being everything He was, meant He had to be who He was in His attributes. His very presence meant He had to create. And everything He created had to be Good because He is Loving and Giving and He could not create evil or taking or unloving. His plan for the foundation for this amazing place He was creating was that it would be as He was, good and loving and giving. But His very essence meant He had to give the right to His creation to have choice in being as He is. It would not work in the way His loving and Giving and Goodness wanted it to work unless He gave His creation free will to be as He is, or to chose not to be as He is. Unfortunately one of His most beautiful creations used this free choice to bring the opposite quantities into this beautiful creation. Lucifer. He released hated and evil and taking. I believe spiritually the opposites were always there. But they need never have been released if the whole of God’s creation chose to be as He is. Lucifer didn’t and so we have all the problems we have in the world today.

So that is the foundation of our world. Of course God always had a contingency plan, that His very own Son would, because He is the Image of His Dad, come and live amongst us and show us who His Father is, and give up His life to pay the price for us to be forgiven and to be able to again chose to be loving and good and giving, like a Holy God planned for His creation in the beginning. This is a simple yet completely truthful explanation of the way it happened. God is real and lucifer is real and we are caught in the middle of the battle between them, a spiritual battle. Every one of us. We just don’t realise it.However the solution is not as easy or as simple as saying a prayer of belief in Jesus. This is the first step. But as God is all Good and wants good things for all of His creation, lucifer is evil and wants bad things for all of God’s creation. So there are blockages along the way back. It is a journey of overcoming.

I believe the Lord God took an uneducated grandmother, 11 years ago, and showed her what these blockages are. I believe they may be the seven thunders of revelation chapter 10. Next time I will tell you the story of how they came about and you can judge for yourselves. However they are essential teachings for coming back to live in a spiritual Garden of Eden in Intimacy with our Heavenly Father. For that is our ultimate destination if we chose to be as He, the Lord God, is. The best journey to undertake and the most amazing place to live.

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