Embracing being different

Words are so powerful, especially when they are spoken to a child. Words create. God created everything by speaking words. We have this ability within us as well. But unfortunately we mostly use our words to create negativity, because we have Original Lies within us that cause us to be negative. But there is an incredible process God has put in place in this world that I have proved over and over in my life. If we are willing to let Him, He can take all that negativity and turn it into something very positive. In fact the most negativity can become incredible goodness and beauty. Where I see this happening the most is in the young men in whom the verbal words spoken into their lives, especially by fathers, but also mothers and significant others, has caused them to come to believe that they are very different. The word different can be such a negative word, and yet it doesn’t have to be. Young men who believe they should have been born female is one of these areas where they feel very different, and they have to look for a reason to explain their obvious difference. Because, yes, they are different. But it doesn’t have to mean something negative. This difference can mean they are very special and beautiful. Continue reading Embracing being different

Truth versus Lies.

It is time to stop leaving God and lucifer out of the equation of what is wrong with this world. It is only when we come to the truth that both of them do exist that we can really make sense of the things that keep happening in our world. This world is based on opposites, always has since God separated the light from the darkness right in the beginning when the earth was without form or void. This wasn’t when He created day and night and the sun and the moon. This was before this. This was actually separating the light of truth from the darkness of lies. This was the spiritual condition of the world in the beginning. And it was chaos. Everything has an opposite in this world, or at least I haven’t found anything that does not have an opposite. Earth and water, day and night, winter and summer, male and female. Spiritually the most important of these is truth and lies. The first sets us free and the second keeps us in bondage. And of course God is Truth and lucifer is lies. Continue reading Truth versus Lies.

Damaging our young men

This original Lie I write about does so much damage and on so deep a level, we really have no concept of exactly the extreme power it has. I have been blessed to be the one Father God found in my extreme dysfunction, unhappiness and suicidal thoughts, and to whom He showed how destructive this Lie is and how to fight it. And yet in my family and friends, I see its effects still. It makes me really angry. It is the one passion of my life, to see people set free from its destruction. I want lucifer and his ugliness exposed and destroyed. For that is the power behind the dysfunction of this world. A fallen angel who will stop at nothing to destroy all human beings and who has no compassion even for the children and the damage he can do to them. Continue reading Damaging our young men