Truth versus Lies.

It is time to stop leaving God and lucifer out of the equation of what is wrong with this world. It is only when we come to the truth that both of them do exist that we can really make sense of the things that keep happening in our world. This world is based on opposites, always has since God separated the light from the darkness right in the beginning when the earth was without form or void. This wasn’t when He created day and night and the sun and the moon. This was before this. This was actually separating the light of truth from the darkness of lies. This was the spiritual condition of the world in the beginning. And it was chaos. Everything has an opposite in this world, or at least I haven’t found anything that does not have an opposite. Earth and water, day and night, winter and summer, male and female. Spiritually the most important of these is truth and lies. The first sets us free and the second keeps us in bondage. And of course God is Truth and lucifer is lies.

Let me explain here why I call the one who is called satan, lucifer. Again opposites. He was created by God as the most beautiful angel ever created. But he actually chose to have the ugliest heart it would be possible to have. I call him lucifer to keep myself reminded of who he really is. Satan represents evil, but lucifer tells me it is evil covered up by extreme beauty that is able to deceive humans into believing him. How can something so beautiful be evil. Look around at the world. There are plenty of examples. Beautiful flowering shrubs whose milky sap will kill a child. Snakes, really so beautiful to look at, that will cause death in adults very quickly. Opposites that we cannot easily see that can destroy us. Extreme danger in something beautiful, something that is really evil looking like something good. We look at the beauty and do not see the danger. This is exactly how lucifer operates. He offers us something that seems good but is really evil.
Because God and lucifer are real, truth and lies are real. But unfortunately the lies can seem to be more beautiful than the truth. The truth can quite often be much harder to accept than the lies.

One of the opposites that is very hidden in this world, like the beautiful Oleander with its poisonous sap, is the heart of God and His deep desires for us and the heart of lucifer and his plans for us. God’s heart is love and His plans for us are always good and to give us a future and hope. But lucifers plans for us are always evil and to destroy us and stop us from having a future and a hope.

A few days ago, I wrote about this new deception that lucifer is spreading throughout the world, but, to me it seems, especially in Australia, that young men are suffering gender dysphoria and need to take hormones and have operations so they can live as females because this is what they were meant to be born as. I want to state truth here based on God is Truth and lucifer is a liar. God was the one who created the human body and what He created was perfect. He Himself said “It is good,” the whole of creation, and it was. But this was before lucifer chose to be evil and try to destroy God’s special creation of mankind. God put into place the incredible process of millions of sperm from a male swimming though the reproductive system of a female, and the fastest of them meeting up with an egg from her ovaries, released at exactly the right moment, and causing conception and the beginning of a baby, another living human who at that moment of conception, had everything in a single DNA cell to become either a boy baby or a girl baby. And not just the gender but every tiny detail of how that baby boy or girl would look and how their personality would develop, and what their life would be like. And it was all good. There was never a mistake. What God made was and still is today perfect. But now the process can go astray because of lucifer and his plans for that baby boy or baby girl. I have written before about how a baby can be damaged in the womb by the lies lucifer causes to be planted in us, and can come out of the birth process damaged and changed. Please read it.

The truth is whichever sperm united with that egg decided exactly what the gender of the baby would be. There was never a mistake in that. It is only the lies that the baby boy or girl is subjected to from that moment on that can change their thinking and cause them to believe they were meant to be born a different gender than the original conception planned.

Going back to the young man I wrote about a few days ago, the abuse I described when he was 7 carried on. The father looked always for reasons to put his son down and yell at him and convince him he was not who he was meant to be. I only came across them occasionally but I was there for one other time when the young man was 14, a very vulnerable age. We were all gathered at his grandmother’s house for a special occasion. All the teenagers were in the bedroom doing whatever teenagers did, and all the adults were in the living room. Suddenly there was a scream, very loud, from the bedroom. The father immediately yelled out the young man’s name and told him to stop going whatever he was doing. The father did not check to see if his son was doing anything wrong. He just immediately believed that it must be his son who was doing the wrong thing and yelled at him in front of everyone gathered there. Then the voice of the young man came again, just as he had at 7, “It wasn’t me Dad”. Years of being told he was a bad person. This is how a child gets extremely damaged. And this is how he decides on a lie about himself. Why would he want to be like a father who has damaged him. It isn’t hard to see how he could decide that he was really meant to be a girl. He doesn’t want to be like his father. And the ultimate way to not be like his father is to decide God made a mistake and he was really meant to be born a girl.

I weep as I write this. Because even with hormones and operations, he can never be a girl. He will live a lie for the rest of his life. Lucifer will have destroyed him. When I know that God’s plan for this beautiful young man is to become a husband and a father who will love his wife and not yell at his children or call them a liar. To be a gentle loving and giving man. Because he knows what it feels like to be abused and how it hurts.

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