Damaging our young men

This original Lie I write about does so much damage and on so deep a level, we really have no concept of exactly the extreme power it has. I have been blessed to be the one Father God found in my extreme dysfunction, unhappiness and suicidal thoughts, and to whom He showed how destructive this Lie is and how to fight it. And yet in my family and friends, I see its effects still. It makes me really angry. It is the one passion of my life, to see people set free from its destruction. I want lucifer and his ugliness exposed and destroyed. For that is the power behind the dysfunction of this world. A fallen angel who will stop at nothing to destroy all human beings and who has no compassion even for the children and the damage he can do to them.

One of the latest wrong thinking beliefs he has given power to in these times is the belief in boys and young men that they were really meant to have been born a girl. Lucifer knows the power a young man can have if he gets free from this insidious Lie and he will stop at nothing to destroy as many young men as he possibly can. It is simple, you see, because it is a lie. No matter how much hormone therapy they take or what operations they have, they can never be a girl. All they will really be doing is mutilating their manhood. I do not hesitate to spell this out clearly because I am watching a fight for the destruction of this Lie in people really close to me. And I am angry about it. Lucifer does not care for the future of this young man. He wants him to destroy his manhood because it is one less young man he has to be afraid of. Lucifer’s battleground in the mind. He gets individuals and groups and even nations to believe his lies. He does not care how these young men will suffer nor how they will destroy any chance they have for a normal life. And the people who believe his lies are good people. They just do not know what they are being manipulated by.

I would like to take you through a progression of how this Original Lie is planted in a young boy’s mind and how it wrought it’s destruction. You have a young couple, in this case believers in Jesus, who have this absolutely beautiful, tiny, only 5 pounds 13 ounces, baby boy a couple of years after they are married. They both love him. But the father has a massive Original Lie in him that tells him he will never amount to anything. The father suffered the consequences of believing his lie, and so, of course, this has an effect on his son, no matter how much he loves him. This is the progression of this world. Parents with their own Original Lies raising children to have their own lies, all the way back to Adam and Eve and their two sons. And the result of their Original Lies was that one brother killed the other. For this young family, the father starts yelling condemnation at his son at a fairly early age, in particular telling him he is a liar. I saw this myself when the boy was 7. There was some damage done to some wires that were running along the skirting board of the house. The father immediately accused the son and the little boy stood there and very quietly said, “Dad I didn’t do it,” over and over. And his father keep shouting at him that he was a liar and he did do it. By the time the boy was 14, the pattern was set. The father accused and shouted and didn’t listen and blamed wrongly many times over the years and an original lie was planted.

How does a young boy come to have good concepts of himself when he has been told over and over how bad he is. You see, the doing of the damage is something that lots of parents do every day to their children. Listen to the progression in this one young man. His father is a man who is in church every Sunday and very involved. He is a good man who does not drink alcohol at all, who loves his wife and would never be unfaithful to her. He is talented and charismatic, with many friends and he helps many people. But he yells at his son because of his own Lie. So what does the son do with this. His first thought is “I do not want to turn out like my father.” But what can he do differently when his father is really a good man. At 14 he starts to convince himself that he really wasn’t meant to be a man at all. God made a mistake and he was really meant to be a girl. This is a lie that has started to be spoken out in many places. It makes sense to him. It may even be that he comes to believe that his father may not have yelled at him if he had been born a girl. His father does not yell at his sister who is a few years younger. So a Lie becomes deeply imbedded in a young mind not yet able to sort out the truth. At seventeen he talks to a psychiatrist who agrees with him and who starts him on hormones to turn him female after he turns 18. It is very powerful when a doctor of the mind agrees with you when you have been destroyed by the words of your father.

The belief in this young man now becomes so strong that he was meant to be a girl that he becomes determined to change his gender. He will do anything to achieve this end. Especially he will lie. He becomes who his father told him he was all those years ago. He lies. He deceives his mother. He sees the gender change as the only chance he has for happiness in this world. He is unable to realise the damage he will do to himself and how this will not be able to be reversed. How he will be neither male not female. It will not make him happy. He is deceived but he cannot see the truth. Only fighting the Original Lie and destroying its effect on our lives can make us happy.

Do I really believe that I am right about this and that even a psychiatrist is wrong. Yes definitely. God is real and lucifer is real and the world is suffering because of the spiritual battle between the two. Intercessors please pray and help set these young men free. Please read my books “And His Bride Has Made Herself Ready”, my testimony of what this ugly Lie did to my life and how Father God brought me out of the damage. And “Be The Eve That Eve Wasn’t” which is the story of how lucifer caused Lies to be planted into Adam and Eve and the consequences for the whole word ever since. They are both available at Amazon on ebook.

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