What is Fight The Lie?

To live in this world would be to realise there are opposing forces at work; a force for good and a force of evil. We are under the influences of these forces whether we agree with them or not. They are there and they affect our lives whether we believe in them or not.

There are many names for these forces. I call them The Lord God and lucifer. You can call them any name you like. It doesn’t change the fact that the two forces are there; good and evil, and they are the same forces whatever name we call them and whatever we perceive them to be.

We live in a world where a spiritual battle is taking place all the time. It is a battle that is for the minds of men. A battle to see who can get the most men to follow them. We do not need to believe anything or to be aware that these forces exist. We can choose to believe that they do not exist yet if we live in this world, then the battle goes on around us all the time, and the battle is about us.

The most powerful weapon that is used in this battle in what I call the Original Lie. There is not a person in the world who does not have one of these hidden deep inside them. This Lie controls and manipulates our behaviour even though we are unaware of it’s existence and of it’s influence and power over us.

This web site is about this Lie, how it gets there, the influence it has over our lives, and how to get free of this thing and to be able to live the life we were meant to live.
Because that is what it’s effect really is; how we live our lives. We think we are free to choose, to make decisions, to plan, but everything we think we are in control of is an area where this Original Lie really can manipulate our decisions. Even when we are successful seemingly, it can still be in control.

The Lie is about negative thinking. We can be the most positive person and yet deep inside we have this very negative Lie that silently controls our minds. It’s job is to stop us from ever reaching our full potential, whether in relationships, careers, talents, abilities, health [physical or mental], creativity, personality, character. We may think we are doing a good job of achieving but in actual fact we would be doing much better if we did not have this insidious Lie controlling our mind.

The Lie comes in from various experiences we have during childhood, even from the womb, whether from parents or other significant others, experiences life throws at us, circumstances beyond our control. It can come from abusive parents but it does not have to. It can come from an experience our parents have no way of protecting us from, like death of someone significant, or an accident that leaves us changed, or an event that scars us. Everyone comes out of childhood with the basis of an Original Lie planted in them. It is not possible to live in this world and not have one. The forces of evil do not allow any to escape. It is mind blowing for me as I talk to people about how their particular Lie came in, to hear how varied are the ways these forces of evil use in even the most loving families.

There is no condemnation on parents because they have had a Lie planted in them, and they have only done the best they could within the depth of their Lie. And so on backwards for generations, in fact back to Adam and Eve, who had the first one planted in them.

But I am walking proof that they are able to be destroyed by the renewing of our minds.

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