The Original Lie

With each passing year I learn more of the ugliness of this horrible lie and just how damaging it is. Not can be, but is, in each of us. You see, everyone has an Original Lie inside them that controls their thoughts and actions. The Original Lie came into being through satan’s deception of Eve way back in the beginning, in the garden of Eden. He caused her to want to eat of the fruit and to deceive Adam into eating. Her eyes were not opened when she ate first. If her eyes had been opened, Adam would never have eaten. Satan knew Adam would not be disobedient if he knew which tree he was eating from. But he didn’t know. The planting of the first Original Lies had to be based on a lie. But both their eyes were opened when Adam ate, and they were instantly, irrevocably changed. The opening of their eyes and the overwhelming mass of the negativity of the knowledge of good and evil caused the first Original Lies to be planted, one inside each of them. Of course with Adam, he then knew that Eve had tricked him and he was besieged by thoughts of how this had happened; negative thoughts about himself and also about Eve. The Lie is always about thoughts first. Continue reading The Original Lie