The Original Lie

With each passing year I learn more of the ugliness of this horrible lie and just how damaging it is. Not can be, but is, in each of us. You see, everyone has an Original Lie inside them that controls their thoughts and actions. The Original Lie came into being through satan’s deception of Eve way back in the beginning, in the garden of Eden. He caused her to want to eat of the fruit and to deceive Adam into eating. Her eyes were not opened when she ate first. If her eyes had been opened, Adam would never have eaten. Satan knew Adam would not be disobedient if he knew which tree he was eating from. But he didn’t know. The planting of the first Original Lies had to be based on a lie. But both their eyes were opened when Adam ate, and they were instantly, irrevocably changed. The opening of their eyes and the overwhelming mass of the negativity of the knowledge of good and evil caused the first Original Lies to be planted, one inside each of them. Of course with Adam, he then knew that Eve had tricked him and he was besieged by thoughts of how this had happened; negative thoughts about himself and also about Eve. The Lie is always about thoughts first.

These thoughts would have been something like, “how stupid I am. Eve has been able to deceive me and cause me to disobey God. He is going to be so angry with me. He only asked me to do one thing, and I couldn’t even do that. I am absolutely useless. I am not worth anything.” Eve would have had her own thoughts. “What have I done? The serpent said I would be like God. This does not feel good. I have ruined everything. How will God be able to love me now. He won’t be able to. I have been so evil, He will never love me again, and I will deserve it.” And the worst thing is they instantly believed these thoughts and the lies they were hearing about themselves.

What happened to Adam and Eve instantly is what now happens to us in childhood. Now the thoughts go in slowly, right from the time of conception, with each thought slowly building lies inside us, until at puberty, the most vulnerable time of our lives, all the little lies come together, and we have an Original Lie take root inside our subconscious mind. The thing to understand about this process is that children do not have the capacity to sort out that the little lies are just that; Lies. The little lies just keep building and being believed until they become one huge lie. Also children do not have the reasoning capacity to process what is happening and to know that Mum or Dad or the teacher or the other significant other may not be right. Or that life is unfair and often things happen that are beyond our control. They always take responsibility for what is happening and find a way to blame themselves, so they can make sense of it. This is why satan attacks children and gets these lies planted early because he knows they have no way to defend themselves. This is who he is. He cares about no-one, not even a tiny cell at conception. If he can cause a lie to go into a baby this early he is happy.

And this process happens with every baby born everywhere in the world. Of course because some parents have had more damage done to them than others, some children are damaged more deeply then others. It has been going on non stop since Adam ate the fruit of that tree. The lies in their sons caused Cain to kill his brother because of jealousy That was the consequence of the very first Original Lies in Adam and Eve. One of their sons killed the other son. That is extreme. But that is what these lies are capable of. They manipulate and control our thoughts, our feelings and so our behaviour. They are evil. And we all have one.

2 thoughts on “The Original Lie”

  1. I so agree with you, Sandra. I am grateful that you took the courage to write about it to help others ( as you helped me over the years)……bless you Sandra.
    Love Moni

    1. Thank you Moni. I am blessed with what He has taught me over the years and teach a number of young people down here over the last ten years. I have had a very fulfilling life since I came to Sydney. Love sandra

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