The worst consequence

Before we go on, I want to mention the last part of the equation. The equation itself is, thoughts cause feelings which then cause actions or reactions. Today I want to look at actions and reactions. That is to say our behaviour. It is in this area that the Original Lie inside us, controlling us, does its worst damage. It totally controls our behaviour. We have no choice over how we will behave while ever an OL is in control of us. We will be unable to change behaviour until we have fought the OL. I was a good example of this. I was introverted and insecure when I was in my thirties when I first started fighting my OL. Ten years later when I was in my forties, I did a Myers Briggs personality test. I had just started working for the Salvation Army and they put all their staff at the centre where I worked through the test. My test showed extreme introversion. Eight years later, the Army again put their staff through a Myers Briggs personality test. I had spent the years in-between fighting my OL and, as I believed, changing. Becoming far more outgoing. I looked forward to receiving the results of the test to see the improvement I had made. Was I surprised.

The test showed I had moved about an eighth of an inch, about 1 centremetre, from where I had been eight years before. When I came to Sydney to live I was still the same. But one day a few years later, I felt something shift inside me. I changed instantly. How did I know? Suddenly I did not have to struggle anymore. The good behaviour became easy and automatic. I was free. And I have become more free every day since. I have a different personality because my introverted behaviour has changed. I can now be the person the tiny baby I was at birth was meant to be, had she not suffered severe emotional abuse.

Do not let the number of years it took me to achieve freedom stop you from fighting the OL and becoming free. There would be very few who are as severely dysfunctional as I was. I had an immense amount to achieve. Also there was no information about the OL and how to fight it for me to learn from. I had to work it out daily. I now see people get free within two years if they work the principles properly. I hope you will be one of them. Counselling takes much longer to work and never achieves the freedom I have.

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