The Keys to the Kingdom

I have now finished outlining the original Lie concept, so now, each month, I will just write of my experiences in walking to freedom over the last 39 years. This has been my journey. Many years ago the Lord told me He would give me the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. I had just met Him and had no idea what the keys to the kingdom meant. I now know that having the keys and living in them, is freedom. The freedom to be fully who I am, with no fear at all, especially fear of man. As I write each month, if you have ears to hear and if you put these principles into practice, you will find the freedom I have. Continue reading The Keys to the Kingdom

A Different Journey

I have stated that everyone has an Original Lie deep inside them that will stop them from becoming fully who they were meant to be. But you will meet some people during your lifetime who seem to have it all together. You will think “they couldn’t possibly have a lie in them. Look what they can do.” This is because some people make the adjustment of not wanting to live with negative thoughts and try to change the situation by creating a positive lie they can live through. However they have just created a different lie to hide the negative lie. You cannot destroy a negative lie by creating another lie even if it is positive one. It is still a lie. The sad fact for these people is that they are in denial about their negative lie, the Original Lie. They can seem to live quite well in their positive lie, but they still have the negative lie inside them and it is still the lie that is in control. They are in a worse position than those who just have a negative lie. Continue reading A Different Journey