The Foundation

In the beginning there was God. There was only God. But He was a Creative and Creating God. He was also a Loving, Giving and Good God. Being everything He was, meant He had to be who He was in His attributes. His very presence meant He had to create. And everything He created had to be Good because He is Loving and Giving and He could not create evil or taking or unloving. His plan for the foundation for this amazing place He was creating was that it would be as He was, good and loving and giving. But His very essence meant He had to give the right to His creation to have choice in being as He is. It would not work in the way His loving and Giving and Goodness wanted it to work unless He gave His creation free will to be as He is, or to chose not to be as He is. Unfortunately one of His most beautiful creations used this free choice to bring the opposite quantities into this beautiful creation. Lucifer. He released hated and evil and taking. I believe spiritually the opposites were always there. But they need never have been released if the whole of God’s creation chose to be as He is. Lucifer didn’t and so we have all the problems we have in the world today. Continue reading The Foundation