Sandra’s Books

The Bride

I am writing a series of self-help books that I call The Bride, about overcoming the burdens of our self-deception.

My first two books are already available for download from Amazon Kindle.

And His Bride Has Made Herself Ready

One day about seven years ago, I had a horrible experience where an older woman I very much admired, yelled abuse at me for an hour, telling me what a terrible person I am.  I did not answer her back, and I did not yell back at her.  I sat and cried, I realise now, at the sadness of what unhealed people can do to each other.  As I drove away from her home that day, the Lord spoke to me and said He wanted me to write all my experiences in Him in a book.  This book became my autobiography, And His Bride Has Made Herself Ready.

Be the Eve That Eve Wasn’t

When I had finished this book, He then gave me the ideas for the next three books to be written.  Be the Eve That Eve Wasn’t was to be a follow on from  information He had given me for And His Bride Has Made Herself Ready, written in chapter six, about how the things Adam and Eve did in the garden of Eden still affect every person in the world today.  I believe this is a spectacular book and the teachings He gave me for this book are helping people be set free.  It does not matter if the story of Adam and Eve is true or if you believe in it or not, it contains incredible information about relationships today and why we struggle as we do, and how to get free.

True Spiritual Warfare

The third book is about the “True Spiritual Warfare” we need to practice if we are to fulfil God’s plan and defeat lucifer in our own lives.  It is spiritual warfare He has taught me and that I have practised for many, many years now.  It works.  I have defeated lucifer in my life.  Not answering back the lady who yelled at me for an hour is one tiny part of true warfare.

Without Spot Wrinkle or Blemish

God has organised the order the books would be written in.  He alone know why.  I just do as He tells me.  So the fourth book is Without Spot Wrinkle or Blemish. This came from a friend and pressure she put on me one day that I could not agree with.  Everything I write about is what God has allowed me to experience that He can then use for me to write about for Him.

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