Embracing being different

Words are so powerful, especially when they are spoken to a child. Words create. God created everything by speaking words. We have this ability within us as well. But unfortunately we mostly use our words to create negativity, because we have Original Lies within us that cause us to be negative. But there is an incredible process God has put in place in this world that I have proved over and over in my life. If we are willing to let Him, He can take all that negativity and turn it into something very positive. In fact the most negativity can become incredible goodness and beauty. Where I see this happening the most is in the young men in whom the verbal words spoken into their lives, especially by fathers, but also mothers and significant others, has caused them to come to believe that they are very different. The word different can be such a negative word, and yet it doesn’t have to be. Young men who believe they should have been born female is one of these areas where they feel very different, and they have to look for a reason to explain their obvious difference. Because, yes, they are different. But it doesn’t have to mean something negative. This difference can mean they are very special and beautiful.

I found in my life, as I struggled to survive the verbal, emotional and physical abuse I suffered as a child, that if I accepted that I was different, and sought and found extreme value in being different, I became the very special and delightful and positive person I was meant to be. I could have a very positive impact of the lives of others, if they also wanted to accept and embrace their difference and find out who they were really meant to be. In the case of gender dysphoria, to embrace the difference of not being like their father or other males, but still want to be the male their special one of a kind only male sperm decided they were, could make them a male in this world that is so desperately needed. The world does not need them to become who they are not meant to be by trying to change into a female. But to have them embrace their difference and become a male unlike very many other males, the world really needs young men like this. To become a male who understands how the effects of negative words spoken into our lives can damage a young boy and cause them extreme confusion, even to the extent of believing the lie that they must have been meant to be a female, is someone who is desperately needed in this world. To become a male who will value his sons and his daughters, and teach other males to do the same, is someone of incredible value. The world is crying out for males who will dare to become gentle, yet strong, loving as only someone who has found their true value can be loving, understanding, compassionate. All the things they needed as they were developing and yet didn’t receive from the males in they lives.

Embracing being different is very exciting. It opens up so many freedoms in this world.
Having long hair down to your waist does not mean that you cannot be a strong male person. I love long hair on males.

However I acknowledge it is very difficult, especially for a male, to embrace being different and finding extreme value in it. And yet for those young men who do find the way to do it, you will live the most rewarding life, beyond anything you could imagine. You will be capable of amazingly deep relationships, as a husband, a father, a friend, and employer or employee. You will live a very fulfilled life. It is well worth the journey. I pray you decide to not believe the lie that you were meant to be a female, but that you embrace your difference and be as outrageous as you want in your personality and dress, and yet be the males this world so desperately needs. So others will see your courage and follow your lead. And you will have the privilege of changing this very negative world just a little or a lot, so others may not suffer as you have.

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