Sandra’s Mission

I have been given a miracle in my life. From the age of 14 years to 34 years, I lived in hell. Now I have abundant life. My mind has been healed and I am no longer controlled by the lies that lived inside me and made my life extremely dysfunctional.

My mission is to tell others who are suffering like I have how to become free and have a healthy mind and attitudes. This website is for this purpose.

Everyone has lies inside them that prevent them from becoming fully whole. Everyone needs these truths. You can become free as I have done, become who you were always meant to be and live a fulfilled life. It is up to you. I have been privileged over the last six years to teach a number of others these principles and see almost all of them become much more free and leave dysfunction behind.

The books and the blog I write will lead you to wholeness if you put the principles into practice in your life.

This is my mission.

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