So what is this wisdom I talk about that is given freely? It is so simple. This again is a blockage for a lot of people. How can something so simple work? Something that is so simple and free. How can it work? Of course there is a hidden agenda. A Holy God who sent His Son to a cross to die so we might have life and have it abundantly, wants you to be free and happy. All you have to do is believe it.

When God created the earth and everything that is in it, He did so by the power of His words. He spoke it all into being and it happened. And we have this same power to speak things into being, just as He has, because He made us in His image. There is a difference between what I spoke forth to get well though, than the words of positive affirmation that some churches and counsellors teach you to use. What is the difference? It is simple. This is a hidden spiritual principle. It is a battle between the power of good in this world and the power of evil. I call these powers God and lucifer. One wants only good things for you. The other, lucifer wants only bad. And I mean really bad, even though it can look as if he can be offering good to you. He isn’t. He cannot change his nature. He is evil. But he can be very deceptive and deceive you even as he deceived Eve in the story of the garden of Eden.

There is a lie hidden deep within all of us that he caused to be put there. I call it the Original Lie. Just living in this world causes us to have many lies spoken over our lives that we accept when we are children and cannot protect ourselves. But this lie is much deeper and can only be revealed by the opposite force; God, the one who only wants good things for us. Unless we let Him reveal it to us, it stays hidden our whole lives and controls our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. We can never be free while ever it is hidden inside there. But we all have this place inside us which we can tap into, where the God of the universe comes and communicates with us. He alone can help you uncover this insidious lie and become free of it. And we become free by speaking words, the right words, against it and destroying it.

This is where the believing comes because unless you believe, you cannot be fully free. You can work the principles and, by listening to your words, you can come to find your Original Lie [OL] and become mostly free. But it is much easier to do it with the help of a Holy God who loves you.

And this is where the building of the solid foundation is. When you fight your lie with the help of the God who created the universe you are building on the solid foundation. If you chose to work the principles without believing in Him, He will still help you, but you are not building on the solid foundation and so are vulnerable to having the sandy foundation washed away at some time in your life.

So read on. You can be free whatever you chose to do. But for me, believing in Him and coming to know his incredible love, is the best way to live. Next blog; the exact working of the principle.

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