The source of this original Lie.

The whole of the plan for this Original Lie is to damage the soul and spirit of every person born so they will never be able to become who they are meant to be in this world. And the damage can start in the womb. There is not a person anywhere born who does not have an Original Lie planted in them. It goes back to Adam and Eve and their Lies going in when they ate of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They immediately thought bad things about themselves, as soon as they realised what they had done. Thoughts like “I only had one commandment to keep, do not eat from one tree in the garden, and I could not even do this.” ” God could not possibly love me now I have been disobedient.” “I am not worthy of His love.” “I am such a stupid person.” And many many more. Lucifer knew the results of them eating from the tree would be that they would believe bad things about themselves and it would stop their ability to become who God made them to be. In fact they would believe lies about themselves from that time on.

This is what the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is all about, judging ourselves and thinking and believing lies about ourselves, and about others. So Adam and Eve have eaten and now believe lies about themselves, and they were lies. God still loved them and always would. They were deceived by the serpent. He knew what he was doing and how badly their lives would be affected. They didn’t. He wanted them to be destroyed. God didn’t.

So now they are out of the garden and Eve conceives and bears a son, Cain. Then she conceives again and has another son Abel. But parents who believe lies about themselves will raise children who believe lies about themselves. Children who will be damaged in their spirits and souls. The damage in these two sons was ultimately that Cain killed his brother. Pretty drastic. Cain was jealous of God’s approval of Abel’s offering. But jealousy is a feeling and feelings come from thoughts. Feelings do not come by themselves, they are caused by thoughts. That is why it is the thoughts we have to fight in order to be free. It is the stinking thinking. Cain’s thoughts could have been, “I can never do anything right.” “Everyone loves Abel more than they love me.” There must be something wrong with me if even Mum and Dad love Abel more than they love me.

Children always take the blame for their thoughts and feelings. They do not blame their parents in their thoughts. They may blame their parents in their words and actions. but we are talking here about an insidious Lie planted deep within their souls when they were too young to realise what the truth might be. Children are not able to rationalise their thoughts and feeling and come to the truth. Adan and Eve were the only two who had the Lie planted as adults. But they had lived in a totally positive place with a perfect parent, the Lord God. Everyone else has their lie planted as a child, when we do not have the reasoning skills available to us to sort out the truth. By the time we come to these reasoning skills, the lie has been planted for so long and so deeply that it manipulates our thinking and we do not even realise that it is in control. The thoughts of our minds are in control always until we realise what the truth is and Fight The Lie and win the battle.

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