More embracing

I am so blessed in my life to be allowed to help young people find out who they are really meant to be in God. I have no qualifications except for finding out myself the fullness and richness of who I was made to be right from conception. God established me right back then over 74 years ago. So when people come to see me it is because they have been sent by someone who already comes to talk to me. It is all word of mouth. One day three years ago I had a young man come and his first words to me were “I am friggin rare!” And he was. Time proved that. And I knew from the way he said it that he was and that deep down inside he knew he was. But he had lies and an Original Lie that were keeping him from living in his rareness. He knew it but he could not believe in it and live it because of lies planted in childhood. He had not had an abusive childhood. That is the sadness of these lies. They are planted by ordinary parents who love their children and who are doing the very best they can for their children. But they have lies inside them that they are living by, that stop them from fully being who their children need them to be so they will grow without lies. And it goes back, though every generation, for thousands of years, all the way to Adam and Eve. There is no condemnation on any of us except for Eve and to a less degree Adam. I have written the full story of this in the book “Be the Eve that Eve Wasn’t” if you want to buy it on ebook from Amazon and read it. It does not matter if their story is real or not, it is everything we need to know about how this world came to be so dysfunctional. Continue reading More embracing