The Ticket for the Journey; Words

Following on from the way the subconscious mind works, you would now be more aware of the power of words, whether they are words spoken by others to us, us to others, us about others when they cannot even hear them, and the reverse, words spoken by others about us when we cannot hear them, words we speak about ourselves but which we do not really hear. Words of any kind are far more powerful than anyone realises. The problem for people is, because we all have this Lie inside us, that we hear the negative far more easily than we hear the positive. And unfortunately, the negative is spoken far more than the positive. I wish it were different but it isn’t.

Therefore our next task is to really listen to the words we speak about ourselves that we do not realise are negative and feeding our subconscious the wrong food. I often find myself speaking forth “You are so stupid”. It is automatic. I do it so quickly I do not have time to stop the words before they are out. So I am often feeding the wrong food to my subconscious mind which takes it in and believes it. To fight it I must immediately change the words to reflect the truth. Which is “No you are not stupid. You may have just done a stupid thing but that does not make you stupid. Everyone makes mistakes. We are human not perfect.” What I am saying is that words are the wrong food to feed our minds, but words are also the food to undo the damage we just did with the wrong food.

I cannot stress enough that awareness of ourselves, our thoughts, the words we speak about ourselves, and our behaviour, is essential. We need to develop the habit of listening to ourselves and exactly what food we are unconsciously feeding ourselves.

Words are also the key to setting ourselves free from the Original Lie that resides deep in our subconscious mind. The equation for this is as follows.

Tell the Lie it is a Lie.
Tell the Lie the truth.

This is what I did above. I spoke forth the Lie, “you are so stupid.” I then told it it was not the truth and what the truth was. “Just doing one wrong thing does not make you stupid. Everyone does it because we are all human, not perfect”. Coming out of the OL into freedom does not mean we never make mistakes. We would be unbearable if we did this. It is about learning the mature, non damaging way to handle being a human who makes mistakes.

Next blog I will take you through the words of my specific OL. But please think about what may be your lie during this time and how words you are speaking about yourself may be the wrong food.

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