The Subconscious Mind

This is the beginning of learning how to fight. You need to understand the way the subconscious mind works, and how the Original Lie becomes so powerful. I am unlearned so if I am not scientifically right about this, the simple explanation I give works. The subconscious mind takes in everything that is happening around us, even when we are not consciously aware of what is happening. It takes in information through the five senses; touch, hearing, sight, taste and smell.

Say you are sitting in a theatre watching a movie. It is dark and you are focused on the screen. So you are using the senses of sight and hearing, and aware of what they are taking in. But there are other things going on that you are not aware of, going in through other senses. You may be unconsciously aware of the temperature, but be too focused on the movie to know you are feeling too hot or too cold or just right. You may be unaware in your conscious mind that the seat in not comfortable or that you are not sitting correctly, until your body protests with pins and needles or pain. Your subconscious mind would be aware of smells, like perfume, other noises like someone coughing in the back corner, whether the popcorn is fresh and salty enough, many things going on around you. It takes in everything and it stays there forever.

It is in the subconscious mind that the Original Lie lodges. When something happens in childhood, everything is stored away forever. So if you have a damaging experience as a child, under ten years of age, everything about the incident will be remembered by the subconscious mind, even smells and touch that you are not aware of. Then you can, as an adult, smell a smell that immediately takes you back to the childhood experience and you are what I call triggered. It can be a word, or the way a word is said that triggers us. We will suddenly have intense feelings and wonder where they have come from, and then we may have a reaction, behave in a manner we would not normally behave, all because our subconscious mind has brought up a memory and passed it through into our conscious mind. We can never be free or healed while ever the subconscious mind retains damaged thoughts.

So the process of fighting the lie is about removing the damaged thoughts from the subconscious mind and replacing them with the truth. This is done by deliberately feeding the subconscious mind with the belief you want it to live by and for it to then feed this belief into your conscious mind, and to remove any thoughts that can trigger us into feelings that will still control us. This is a very simple process, but it must be done diligently, especially in the beginning, to push the unwanted thoughts out and feed the wanted thoughts in.

We come now to the equation for fighting these unwanted thoughts. This teaching is what Jesus gave to me when He was helping me to get well. I have not found it to this depth anywhere else, in any book or teaching. If you do not go to the depth of what He showed me is necessary, you will achieve a degree of freedom, but you will never experience the full freedom I and numbers of others have achieved.

We need to tell the subconscious mind that it has been believing a lie and that the lie is this—– but that the truth is this—–. It is in finding the real words of the lie that you have been believing, and replacing it with your truth that the freedom comes. Next blog we will use my lie to demonstrate exactly how to do this.

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