Truth will set you free

I am going to take you through my Original Lie now. If you want to fully understand how I came to believe this lie, you can read my first book, “And His Bride Has Made Herself Ready”. It is available on Amazon as an ebook.

So my actual Original Lie was, “There must be something radically wrong with you, but you are too stupid to know it. Even your own mother cannot love you and mothers always love their children. I are unlovable. No one will ever be able to love me.”

There are certain elements that must be in a Lie statement in order for it to be an Original Lie. An OL is the deepest, most hidden expression of what we believe about ourselves. We believe many lies about ourselves but there is one very deep one that is the one that controls our life.

These are the essential elements. Firstly it must be an “I statement.” So the first basic element are the words “I am unlovable.” Add to this the second element, “No one will ever be able to love you.” This is the absolute that makes the first statement definite and unchangeable. So the second element is the statement must contain absolutes, words like no-one, ever, too, even. These are the words that make the Original Lie such a death sentence. Maybe we could survive if we just believed we were unlovable, but the absolutes make it impossible. What was in my future if NO-ONE would EVER be able to love me. I could not fight that. I became unlovable in my own mind and I lived out this lie. I let all sorts of things happen to me because there was no hope for anything better, not when I could never be loved by anyone ever. It didn’t matter what happened to me.

The third element is that the statement must contain unusual words. Radically is an unusual word. It is this element that I find different in every Original Lie I have heard so far. They all contain elements of believing we are unlovable or having no value, or being worthless, or being evil, or over responsible. It is the presence of unusual words that make it the deepest Lie. Keep searching in your words until you come to a statement that contains all three of these elements.

I state here again that every one has an Original Lie. You may think that because you can be seemingly successful that you do not. But everyone has one. I will write next time about positive lies that mask negative lies and cause us to believe that we are okay. We aren’t.

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