The Eagle Print

In my first book, And His Bride Has Made Herself Ready, I write about a special Christmas gift given to me by God. It tells of how this special print came into my life. I reproduce the story here.

A Special Christmas Present.

My most treasured possession is a print of a sea eagle, which was a gift from God. You may ask,

“How can God give someone a Christmas present?”

My experience is that nothing is beyond His bountiful giving and His incredible caring. He really is the most loving Father.

A lady I had become friends with in a Lifeline Transition Group on the Gold coast rang me one day in August. She said she had had a print on her wall for some time. It was a print of an eagle, but it had started to bother her. The eyes of the eagle seemed to follow her everywhere and it was making her uncomfortable. She had asked her son to take the print down and to take it home to Brisbane with him. He had had the print in his possession for about a year, when he rang his mother and told her he would not be putting the print on the wall. Did she know anyone who would like it? Apparently it was an expensive print and he did not want to just throw it away.

This is when she asked me if I would like it. She didn’t tell me it was an Australian Sea Eagle, just an eagle. I assumed it would be an American eagle. To me, any eagle could be from God, so I accepted it. The call came on Christmas morning saying the print had arrived and would I like to come over that afternoon and collect it.

When I arrived and was taken into her study, the print was facing the wall. I could only see the backing. As I put my hand out to turn it around, I heard the Lord say,

“Everything you see in this print is what I see in you.”

I pulled the print away from the wall, and there was the most beautiful Sea Eagle, all in shades of blue and grey and white. She was seated on a rocky outcrop, way up high. What did I see in her? Firstly I saw strength, then fearlessness, confidence, resilience, power. She was alone on the outcrop. There wasn’t room beside her for another eagle.

This was a powerful message. I believed the Lord was saying to me that I would never remarry, but I would become all the qualities I saw in her. This was very important as my husband had left me three years earlier, and I had been totally shattered. I was still grieving. My future in God had died when he left.

I was none of the things I saw in the Sea Eagle. God was giving me a prophesy of my future in Him, a future which has been fulfilled and in which I am becoming all the things I see in the print.

How is the Lord God using the print now.

One day when I talking to a young person about Fighting the Lie, I asked them to see what the eagle print may say to them about themselves, just as God had caused me to get words from it. He also received words for himself from looking at the print. The words were different to what I had felt, yet very special to him. I have asked a number of others the same question since then and each has received words, each time special to them and very different to any other words given. Each one has been impacted by the words they have received and believed they were from God, the God of their understanding.

The Sea Eagle print is the work of Jeremy Boot. His website is

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