My Special Step

My mission statement says that I have had a miracle in my life and I have. You would need to read my first book, “ And His Bride Has Made Herself Ready” to understand just how incredible my miracle has been. This monthly communication is not about that. I write the books for this purpose. This “Blog” as I have learnt to call it, is about helping anyone who will listen to find the same freedom I have found in my life. I have been brought out of a life of living hell to such freedom I call myself the most blessed person alive. And I am. I would not change places with anyone anywhere. I have abundant life. I have had a unique experience which I have never found anyone else to have been given. I have read a few books about people who have had a similar experience but I have not met anyone personally who has been so selected for such a life changing event. So for me it has been easier to believe than most people will find.

But the great truth is that the principles I have been taught and that I teach to others now will work whether you believe in who I met and who my teacher is, or whether you don’t. They are spiritual principles set into the foundation of the earth when it was first created. Every person alive lives under them every day even though they are not even aware of them or understand them or believe in them. They are part of the spiritual world that surrounds this earthly world we know, and they affect all of us every day. They were there and in operation when Adam and Eve were put out of the garden. They were to be a positive truth to help them live in this very different world they were entering. And they are there for the same purpose for us today. The person who has become the most free of a large number of people I have taught in the last 7 years is one who does not believe in who my teacher is. But he was determined to become free and he worked hard and put the principles into place in his life and they worked for him. They will for you also.

My only hope is for people to find the freedom I have found.

One of the spiritual principles you need to understand before we can go into the journey fully is the principle of forgiveness. To forgive someone who has hurt you deeply, who has abused you severely, who has destroyed your life, is a very hard place to come to. But it is essential for your healing that you do. But the truth is forgiveness is not really understood. It is not to let the person who has hurt you get away with what they have done. The first principle of forgiveness is to set you free. You cannot be fully healed while ever you hold unforgiveness against anyone. But forgiving someone does not mean you have to have them in your life, not ever again if you do not want to. It does not mean you have to love them, not ever again if you do not want to. Forgiving someone is a spiritual principle that sets you free and allows God to be able to deal with the person who has hurt you in His way. It is not wanting revenge in our way but letting God do it His way. I have found His ways are very much more effective than our ways. But He needs us to do it so He can work a miracle of healing in our lives. When you have the freedom I have achieved, it doesn’t matter any longer what anyone has done to you. My freedom sets me free to become who I am meant to be in all my fullness and unforgiveness is not part of that.

Also when you accept that everyone has been damaged in this world, it makes it easier to forgive because we are all in the same boat. We have all been hurt and as a consequence we have all hurt others. No, not to the degree we have been hurt or abused. But to hurt anyone else to any degree for me is not who I want to be.

If you read my first book, you will find that my mother was my abuser and the one whom I should have had unforgiveness towards. But I never did. It was my father I found it hard to accept or love. Why? He did not do any of the things my mother did. But he chose to allow her to abuse me. He knew she was doing it, but he did nothing to protect me or help me. I could not even speak the word father, much less the more affectionate dad, for thirty years after I started this journey. I did not tell anyone about him ever. No special memories or happy stories about him. I literally could not find one positive thing to say or think about him. For me he did not exist. But I could still be healed and set free because I chose to forgive and not want revenge. I set myself free by forgiving him. Then about 12 years ago during a seminar on inner child work, I came to have a happy memory about how he used to take us on Sunday afternoon to watch the whales and dolphins off Greenmount Bluff on the Gold Coast. Suddenly I realised he was an animal lover and had given me a love of animals. I was able to value him for this and can now talk about him.

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