My Special Step

My mission statement says that I have had a miracle in my life and I have. You would need to read my first book, “ And His Bride Has Made Herself Ready” to understand just how incredible my miracle has been. This monthly communication is not about that. I write the books for this purpose. This “Blog” as I have learnt to call it, is about helping anyone who will listen to find the same freedom I have found in my life. I have been brought out of a life of living hell to such freedom I call myself the most blessed person alive. And I am. I would not change places with anyone anywhere. I have abundant life. I have had a unique experience which I have never found anyone else to have been given. I have read a few books about people who have had a similar experience but I have not met anyone personally who has been so selected for such a life changing event. So for me it has been easier to believe than most people will find.
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