It’s Free

How many things do you get in this world that are absolutely free. And especially in this world where materialism has such a hold on most people. A delightful young man said to me this week that, when he had to pay for something, especially if the payment was quite high, then he would work much harder on the advise given to him, because he would not want to waste his money. He didn’t say that if he had to pay for it, he would think that it was worth more than if it is freely given away. But I know that many people would think like that. The more expensive something is, shows how much better it should be compared to similar things. Absolutely not so.

He had paid $875 for three treatments to free himself from smoking. It isn’t about whether the treatments work or not, it is too soon to tell yet. But about these two mind sets. If you have to pay a considerable amount for treatments, does that mean it is better and more assured of success than something that is given freely? And if you have to pay a considerable amount for something, does it mean it is worth working harder on than something that is freely given?

My answer to both mind sets is a resounding NO!!! When I was absolutely desperate and severely dysfunctional and unable to find an answer anywhere, I was given an answer freely that set me completely free and led me to become fully who I was meant to be. I worked very hard on the free counselling I was given. It was so valuable and worked amazingly. It was a way of being set free that a number of psychiatrists could not give me, nor counsellors or ministers of religion. The key to my working on free advice was that I was desperate. I had searched for many years and could not find even any relief from my dysfunction, much less complete freedom from my dysfunction. But I found someone who knew the truth and this truth set me free. Knowing the truth will always set you free.

Of course, as I have written in my books, the one who gave such wisdom to me freely is the Risen Lord Jesus. He had won the right to be able to tell me how to overcome my dysfunction and live the life I was meant to live. He had paid the price to have the wisdom. And it was His right to give it away freely if He chose. and He did. And I am eternally grateful for the life I now live because He gave to me so freely. I do not know almost anybody else that has received from Him so bountifully as I have. But I do know that He will do the same thing for anybody else that wants it, freely. All you have to do is believe and listen. I am here to tell you that it works. I am walking proof that His way works.
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