Beginning the Journey

I write a lot about the garden of Eden because the story of Adam and Eve contains hidden secrets of wholeness and the intimate relationships we all desire. As I state often, it does not matter if the story is true or not, or if you believe it or not, it is the best illustration of what went wrong and why we still suffer today.

Adam and Eve lived in a garden where the Lord God was their teacher and where there were no negative influences. They lived under positive spiritual principles where they could grow and flourish, and become who they were meant to be, to live in harmony with each other, with God and with their surroundings. They only had one law to keep. Do not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the centre of the garden. There were no negative influences in their lives because no-one had eaten from this tree yet. The knowledge of good and evil had not been released.

But we all know the story. They ate from the tree and released negativity into the world.

You see, good and evil are both negative. The knowledge of them causes us to judge firstly ourselves, then each other. We were never meant to know about good and evil, much less live by them. They need to be interpreted in extreme love, which we are not capable of doing, not for ourselves and not for each other. So we now all live by the judgement that comes from good and evil and it is a horrible way to live. We all suffer. The world itself suffers because of this judgement. The animal kingdom suffers from this judgement. The environment suffers because of it. Marriages and relationships of all kinds suffer.

Can we stop eating from this tree. Because all of us do until we find the truth. The whole concept about fighting the lie is about stopping eating from that tree. That is where wholeness lies. In being free of judgement, of ourselves and others.

There were many consequences of them eating from that tree which are still with us today, but I only want to focus on one. There was an immediate change from the positive influence they had always known. All of a sudden they were overwhelmed by the negative, especially in their thoughts about themselves. Their first feeling would have been crippling shame. Immediate. I believe deep down, shame is the one consequence we all suffer from, just because of the conditions of this world in which we are all forced to grow up.The story says that suddenly they knew they were naked. They had always been naked in the garden, but they had known no shame. Now, because of knowing about good and evil and not being able to judge in love, they realised that being naked was something to be ashamed of. Of course being naked is not something to be ashamed of but the knowledge they now lived under from the tree of good and evil told them it was.

Next Blog we will go into the beginning of how to fight the lie. Till then begin to watch your thoughts, to listen to the words you speak, to watch your reactions. Write them down, the more you write, the better your understanding will be

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