Beginning the Journey

I write a lot about the garden of Eden because the story of Adam and Eve contains hidden secrets of wholeness and the intimate relationships we all desire. As I state often, it does not matter if the story is true or not, or if you believe it or not, it is the best illustration of what went wrong and why we still suffer today.

Adam and Eve lived in a garden where the Lord God was their teacher and where there were no negative influences. They lived under positive spiritual principles where they could grow and flourish, and become who they were meant to be, to live in harmony with each other, with God and with their surroundings. They only had one law to keep. Do not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the centre of the garden. There were no negative influences in their lives because no-one had eaten from this tree yet. The knowledge of good and evil had not been released.

But we all know the story. They ate from the tree and released negativity into the world. Continue reading Beginning the Journey

The Deepest Step

The deepest step you will take in this journey is to come to the knowledge that just living in this world causes what I call an Original Lie to be planted deep inside us and it manipulates our reactions and our behaviour. You can never be free while ever it is in there. To root it out and replace it with true knowledge of who we were always meant to be is Fight The Lie. It is essential to being free.

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