Preparing for the Journey

The five previous blogs have been to prepare you for the spiritual place you are going to go to, essential principles you need to understand if you are going to make the journey successfully.They are like preparing for any journey. Have you packed the right clothing for the climate you are going into? Have you packed a toothbrush and tooth paste, a passport, medication? If it is a foreign country you are going to, do you need to have vaccinations? I have been overseas a few times, plus New Zealand a number of times, and I have travelled to different parts of Australia many times by different modes of transport. Each journey needed different items to be packed.

This is just as important with a spiritual journey. You need to understand a little about the country you are going to visit. There are different needs when the journey you are making is into a place where God’s spiritual laws are in operation, and where we need to be in line with these spiritual laws so we can become free and whole. Of course, because God’s spiritual laws have been in place since the creation of the universe, we all live under His laws every day. But because we do not understand them, we do not live in accordance with them. This is one of the reasons we are not living the lives we are meant to be living.

The first article we need to have in our spiritual suitcase is to know there is a way to live that will bring us to living the life we were meant to live. Continue reading Preparing for the Journey

The Deepest Step

The deepest step you will take in this journey is to come to the knowledge that just living in this world causes what I call an Original Lie to be planted deep inside us and it manipulates our reactions and our behaviour. You can never be free while ever it is in there. To root it out and replace it with true knowledge of who we were always meant to be is Fight The Lie. It is essential to being free.

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