An Invitation

I would like to invite you to come on a journey with me. It will be a journey unlike any other journey you will ever take. The journey may be long, at least a year, or it may take a whole lifetime. The length of the journey depends on how far you want to travel. But it will be the most rewarding journey you will ever take. It is a spiritual journey, one of discovery of who you were really created to be from the second of your conception, and how to become everything you were meant to be in this world. It is a journey of learning how to fight the negative influences that have stopped you, so far, from becoming this amazing person you were created to be. You can travel for as long as it takes you to be able to live a more comfortable life and have peace and happiness as this world knows these things, or you can keep travelling and learning and becoming. The possibilities are endless.

I have been travelling this journey for thirty eight years and I expect to travel right up to the last second I am on this earth. I have come so far from the person I was at thirty four when I first learnt such a journey existed, and learnt that I could chose to become someone who lived without crippling fear, but to be wholly accepting of who she was and comfortable in all situations. I have been saying for at least twenty years now that I would not swap places with anyone else in the world. I am totally content with who I am and who I can still become. I accept myself “warts and all”. I hope the younger generations reading this know what this expression means, because you are the main ones I target with my books; anyone under forty. This does not mean you cannot undertake this journey at any time in your life. But my experience has been that it is much harder to change when you have more negative thinking to undo and overcome. But it is not impossible. Nothing is ever impossible. Even if you are eighty, I would love you to join me.

Which brings me to the first attitude you need to have to undertake this journey. It actually takes a degree of desperation. Are you really desperate to change who living in this world has made you. Are you really determined to find out the real limitlessness of who you could become and indeed were meant to become. Are you open to ideas and experiences that you may not have heard of before and spiritually flexible enough to be excited about the possibilities. Can you go back to that sense of wonder you had at two years of age where everything was an adventure and you had so much to look forward to. That is where I came to when I first found out I did not have to live the rest of my life as I was at that time. There were experiences out there that I had no concept of and places to go in a realm I did not even know existed or that I could understand at that time. I only knew that I was not satisfied with my life and, if there was something out there to learn that would help me to change, then I wanted it.

I mention the age of two deliberately because years of talking to people has shown me that so many of us have been damaged before the age of two. No, before we begin this journey of discovery, we do not know this has happened to us. But it is buried deep inside and is part of the process I call Fighting the Lie. Just in case you haven’t noticed, this world can be a difficult place to live in.

There is also a cost to going on this journey. But the rewards outweigh the cost thousands of times. The cost is the willingness to be completely honest about who you really are. In order for a complete healing to take place we need to be totally accepting of ourselves. We cannot change what we cannot admit to. So the journey begins with accepting everything about ourselves, both positive and negative and coming to not just accept but to value ourselves and know we are worth going on this journey for. Remember the goal; to be able to become fully the amazing person we were meant to be. There will also be pain. Nothing that touches the emotional can ever be painless. But because this journey is about transforming our minds, it is a much easier, much faster, much more successful journey than years of looking at feelings and childhood hurts.

I will give you one extremely important key about where we are going. My experience has been that it is impossible to heal feelings. It is the mind that needs healing and setting free. Our own negative, damaging, limiting thoughts. While ever our minds are not healed our feelings cannot be healed, because it is the fleeting thought each time that triggers the feelings that control our lives. Thoughts that we are unaware are there. They come so quickly and are immediately replaced by a feeling, thus causing us to believe that feelings are the problem. They aren’t! I spent some time, once every Wednesday for three years and other shorter periods, talking to counsellors and psychiatrists about feelings and childhood hurts. Every year I got worse. Then I found the truth and I immediately started improving. But I had to end up in a psychiatric hospital to find the real answer. And no it wasn’t in the hospital that I found it. It was because of ending up in the hospital that I became desperate to cry out for the truth. Read about it in my first book.

I want to end this with thanks to all who make the decision to come back every month and come on the journey with me. I have been talking to people for twenty years now about what I have been taught, and I have seen many be set free. I hope each of you will be another one. I am humbled to be allowed to do this work.

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