Types of Emotional Pain

Following on from last month and changing myself, the next thing I learnt that helped me come to wholeness was to learn the difference between emotional pain that heals and emotional pain that keeps you in dysfunction. There are two kinds of emotional pain. One leads to healing and one doesn’t. The first one is one I sat in for twenty years. It is very painful, and can lead to depression and even suicide. It is the kind of pain where there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Deep hopelessness. Or the going around the mountain time and time again, being hurt over and over in the same way and not being able to get free of it. Or where you can describe your thoughts as a can of worms, where you cannot stop thinking negatively. It is absolutely unproductive. Continue reading Types of Emotional Pain

The Hardest Step

The next step in the Journey is the hardest. I have written in my first book how Jesus helped me come out a life of dysfunction. The following is the first principle He taught me. You do not have to believe in Him for these principles to work in your life, and set you free. But I use His name in all my writing as that is who He told me He is and He is my teacher. You can substitute a name like Higher Power as they do in Alcoholics Anonymous. It will still work because it is the truth.

If you read my first book “And His Bride Has Made Herself Ready”, you will see that I had an emotionally abusive childhood which, because of the deep lies I had planted inside me during those years, lies that told me I was unlovable, caused me to go into a severely dysfunctional marriage. During the 12 years that followed, my severe dysfunction became far more life threatening and destructive.

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