Lessons from a Little Cat

I live in an Independent Village on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I have lived here 12 years. When I was first here and younger, I went out quite often at night. When I drove back into the carpark at about 10pm, I would quite often see this little cat,a stripped tabby, with a very pretty face. As I am a cat lover, I would try to befriend her. I had assumed she was a girl because of the very pretty face and because she was quite a small cat even though obviously fully grown. She would not let me come near her. If I tried she would run off. However she would sit and listen to me talk to her, tell her how beautiful she was. There were a few cats that frequented our village at this time, and the management checked up on them all and it was found out she belonged to a family a little further down our street. She did have a home and a family. But our village backs onto a national park and so is very popular with cats. There were four coming at this time. But things were about to change Continue reading Lessons from a Little Cat